Our local number is 604-898-1385, our toll free number is 888-898-1385

Thank you for your interest in Tru-Dry RFKD timbers.

Tru-Dry has been acquired by FraserWood Industries Ltd.  FraserWood is the leading provider of specialty RF dried custom timbers and will use the McMinnville, OR site to produce RF dried timbers.  Please direct inquiries to Maria Mader at 1-888-898-1385.  FraserWood's website can be found at www.fraserwoodindustries.com  

Maintain the structural integrity and beauty of exposed timbers for generations

When a plan calls for exposed timbers your customers will count on you to provide them with a product that will last a lifetime or two or three.

They will want TRU-DRY  

Our revolutionary drying process enables Tru-Dry timbers to remain straight, stable and true long after installation. With its uniform moisture content and the resulting stability, Tru-Dry has clear advantages.

Radio Frequency Vacuum Drying achieves what no other kiln drying method can​

​​Radio Frequency Vacuum (RFV) Kiln Drying is used to dry the entire timber evenly, right down to its center.

Tru-Dry timbers remain straight, stable and true for years to come.